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Case Study / FC Portland Academy

Case Study / FC Portland Academy


Recording the history of a legendary coach through his club’s badge

A premier youth soccer club with deep roots in international sport

Since 1987, FC Portland Academy has consistently fielded the most competitive premier level youth soccer teams in Oregon. With their 25th anniversary quickly approaching, the club sought to honor legacy of their founder, Clive Charles, by reintroducing his spirit into both the visual brand and the way the club communicated to its community. The new logo and brand honors the club’s past while providing a foundation for moving forward with clear intention. Extentions to the brand include a Hispanic tournament and the annual Clive Charles Memorial Golf Tournament. Some of the club’s highlights include:

Club founded by Olympic, National team, and University of Portland head coach Clive Charles
2 National championships, 8 Regional championships, and 53 State championships
Over $1M in university scholarships earned by players each year for the past 5 years

Responsibilities / Art Direction, Brand Development, Brand Consultation, Strategic Planning, Logo and Identity Design, Website Styling, Copywriting

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