Brand. Design. POV.

For Agencies and Businesses

—  Bridging the gap between business objectives and brand design communication, sometimes an outside set of eyes keeps the ideas evolving.

For the past 18 years, I’ve provided creative collaboration and direction for both agencies and corporations from 2 days to a year, depending upon the scope of the project and situational need. Selected roles and capabilities are listed below.


Brand Strategy

Discovering and defining a brand foundation to prepare for cultural evolution, innovation, and maximizing potential. Capabilities include:
Consumer Profiling
Corporate and Product Naming
Brand Positioning
Strategic Planning
Narrative Creation
Communication Planning

Graphic Design

In it’s finest form, brand design is an authentic visual expression of all the ideas, plans, and strategies that create the brand foundation. A combination of visual and written communication, areas of execution often include:
Logo and Symbol Design
Brand Identity
Point of Sale
Video and Photography
External and Internal Communication

Corporate Leadership

Interacting with executive leadership and knowing how to bridge
the gap between business objectives and creative teams is a specialty:
Creative Department Leadership
Marketing Liaison
Hiring Manager
Executive Creative Coaching

Agency Leadership

Having led teams of a dozen designers, writers, and account managers,
I can step into most roles to lend assistance:
Team Leadership
Creative Director
Design Director
Copy Editing
Light Copy Writing
Hiring Manager