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I'm a designer and brand builder born and raised in Los Angeles and residing in the Pacific Northwest.


The core of my work revolves around helping organizations and people express why they exist. Not what they make, sell, or say, but why they make, sell, and express those things; and then to express those discoveries through compelling, modern visual stories. With experience collaborating at the director level managing multi-disciplinary teams, as well as able to take on a complex project as a soloist, I’ve helped the biggest and smallest brands figure it out, whether that was the evolution of an idea, helping start something new, or just making something better. I’m collaborative by nature so I know how to play nice, but I’m also self-driven and self-reliant, so I generate my own motivation. I consider the process from creative thinking to design execution an activity of the highest regard, and think good design genuinely improves the world. Besides my design and brand work, I currently serve on the board of directors at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.




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I’m also a luthier who builds fine classical guitars and ukuleles.
Parra Guitars



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