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Leadership Services Overview

Leadership Services

Leadership Advisory

Companies and organizations with passionate followers — whether customers or employees — share a single trait: a brand that is self-realized and built upon a clear foundation with consistent messages and strategies that define and identify their culture too all their audiences.

Through a tried and true method (devoid of gimmicky, cliched processes) of Discovery, Observation, Reflection, and oOrganization, any organization can better understand their purpose beyond what they are selling. The results are incredible. Authentic connections to their audience. Clarity of purpose with workers.

Brand foundation work helps lay the foundation to build a better workplace and business through understanding your own story.

Board Advisory

As a current board member of a regional arts and science organization, I can advise board of directors  strategic advice focused on branding, design, hiring process, and strategic planning. The informal nature of an advisor role provides great flexibility in how a program can be created to help the board with particular tasks. Many new or small businesses choose to have advisors or advisory boards in order to benefit from the knowledge of others, without the expense or formality of a board of directors.

Hiring Help

So much is at stake when hiring a new employee. Through experience being on both sides of the interview table both as direct hiring manager and as a team of board members hiring executive level directors, including an outside resource in the hiring process can help remove ego that is naturally tied to a hiring process.

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