I do, too

I get Chet. I really do. I also got I Get Chet, the newest vinyl to find it's way onto my turntable. He moves like the water that runs over the dishes I often clean to the sounds of his trumpet or the silky, sometimes slightly flat pitch of his voice. And like all music that comes into your life at the right moment, it's loaded with connections that sometimes only make sense to the listener.

To me that's the magic of music. Regardless of the sound, the words, the story being told by the musician, it's up to the listener to define the ultimate meaning of the piece. It's a lot like branding and I could be tempted to transition into a discussion of design and brand building, but I don't really feel like getting into that today. It wouldn't honor the way the music moves me. I'll just leave it like this:

Chet is the San Juan Islands. Chet is Mark Rothko. Chet is a girl with long brown hair. I get Chet.