On my bookshelf

The latest book to make it onto my small bookshelf has been out for a couple of years and it's one of those kinds of books that you photograph pages for inspiration when you see it at the bookstore, if you're a go to the bookstore and photograph pages for inspiration kind of person. My bookshelf is so modest and the internet's volume of reference so large that for a book of drawing to make it onto that limited space is something of a personal award between me and the authors who will never know me or of my approval. Vitamin D2 is filled with 115 or so contemporary artists working with a disparate set of tools that get corralled into the drawing category. The work covers a lot of ground and I find myself particularly drawn towards the pages of layered, abstract, dark, hidden-story work that I tend to seek out over and over again both in what I look at and what I try to produce. Like much of the personal inspiration I share in these journal entries, it's what turns me on and you may find that other pages turn you on instead. All I know is that if I open a book and what's inside makes me want to close it and start drawing, that's a book worth having on my bookshelf.