Featured Project: Sphaera

I count it as my fortune that my career has spanned across so many sectors. There's certainly a visceral pleasure in creating work for big product and retail brands and seeing, at least temporarily, your work in stores and on television. It's fun and gives your mom something to brag about. But there is also a deep pleasure to be found in the quieter work that is done for clients that I call human-centered endeavors. Products are often replaced with the more abstract purposes of culture change, improving lives, and exchanging information. One of things I have always liked about building brands and designing is that you can help improve the lives of people, help businesses discover more success, and solve the often difficult challenge of transforming a business goal into something that resonates with an audience. Even more so with a human-centered project.

Sphaera is a social enterprise inspired by Ecotrust and launched this year as a separate operation. Founded as a peer-to-peer solutions platform for anyone tackling challenging social problems, Sphaera collects and curates proven solutions, then makes them (and their contributing practitioners) accessible to other solution-seekers around the world. Through this searchable, living library of global solutions, practitioners are matched with existing solutions and peer change agents, facilitating sharing and collaboration across sectors and geographies. Open-sourcing solutions and putting them in the right hands creates a ripple effect of change, allowing practitioners to reuse what works or adapt it for new challenges and contexts. 

That's the long way of saying it's a pretty awesome idea for positive change throughout the world. 

Initial phases of the project included organization naming studies, brand foundation work, identity design, and business collateral. This project was created in collaboration with the artist and designer, Amy Clare Westphal, under Ryan Gallagher's fine brand marketing firm, GoodGallagher.

It's always an honor to work for fine people, with fine people, on fine projects and this certainly counts as one of the them.