Harbor. Ocean.

There are places in the wonderland of the Pacific Northwest that act as a type of Siren call for me but there are not many and I don't think there should be. I'm not talking about places that move me or feel like a favorite place to be. The icy breeze coming off of the Jefferson Park Glacier at night. The corner table at Commissary near the big windows on a cool fall day. Watching the sunset sitting amongst the millions of round basalt rocks below Yaquina Head lighthouse. 

These visceral experiences are important to me and I seek them out often but I'm talking about places that connect to what I've come to call my deep chambers. These places allow me to gain access into deeper places within myself and thus they play a role in my life that is more profound.

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology is such a place. Discovered through the fortune of friendship, the place and it's people captured me almost immediately. I left my first visit there determined to come back and I have several times this year. When I think of one word that describes Sitka for me, it is a place to continue. So often I look to complete things. To find the product. To find the solution. But the magic of being on that quiet campus amongst other artistic seekers is that I only have to come with a willingness to continue. A journey. An idea. A moment. And in that is the magic of this place for me and why I call it both my safe harbor and open ocean.

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